Cécile Dejoux is a well-known guest speaker in business schools and companies. She offers lectures (mainly in French) on various subjects at companies' annual meetings or for line, staff and functional managers. 


The topics of the lectures she has given so far deal with a variety of subjects that include: 

  • Management in the digital era
  • How to become an agile manager
  • Management as self-transformation to change your company based on design thinking principles
  • Digital technologies for new teaching approaches 
  • Keys for success in MOOCs and SPOCs

Some lectures given by cécile dejoux 

  • How to learn with  MOOCs ?UODC, Paris, May 2014
  •  How to design a MOOC ? "  ESCP Europe,  May 2014
  • Skills Management,  LIAISONS SOCIALES, May 2014
  • Opening lecture at the Skills Management Conference for CEGOS consultants
  • How to build and present professional conferences,  LIAISONS SOCIALES

Great Place to Work® France Conference, 7th June  2016 at Maison de la Chimie. More than 200 participants. 

To check all of Cécile Dejoux's lectures click here. 

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